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"A voice with undeniable personality, warmth, and honesty. Listen...you'll hear."
Daniel Ian Smith, Saxophonist, Musical Director of the Big and Phat Jazz Orchestra, Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music.

"A singer who uses a warm, vocal style and a classic visual style to tell her story in a song.
A winning combination!"

Ron Gill,Vocalist,Producer WGBH Radio

"An accomplished performer. Her tender command of lyric pleasantly
separates Nadine from many other singers...".

Eric Preusser, Preusser Productions
"...a soft, pleasing sound that enchants an audience."

Frank Wilkins, Pianist, Assistant Professor,Berklee College of Music

"For casual listening (Cut To The Chase) is pleasant......."
Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence Musical Review

More dates to come . . .

"Nadine sings swing and pop standards with a blithe air and a jazzy lilt to her bouyant, pleasing voice"

Fred Bouchard, writer for Downbeat Magazine


More dates to come . . .

"It's a pleasure to listen to Nadine Chase..."

Ran Blake, world reknown jazz pianist/composer, Professor, New England Conservatory of Music

.... Watch this space



Stay tuned.....more to come!

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